Amateur Clubs

    Sydney Sterero Camera Club
  • The Sydney Stereo Camera Club is our sister club based in Sydney. Like us, they celebrate all forms of 3 dimensional photography, computer graphics and stereoscopic imagery.
    National Stereoscopic Association (USA)
  • The National Stereoscopic Association is an incorporated, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1974. The goals of the association are to promote the study, collection and use of stereographs, stereo cameras and related materials; to provide a forum for collectors and students of stereoscopic history; to promote the practice of stereo photography; to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology and to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record.
    International Stereoscopic Union
  • The International Stereoscopic Union is the international body representing stereo camera clubs throughout the world. The ISU conducts an international conference every two years and also manages the ISU Digital Folio in which participating clubs contribute their best 10 stereo images of the previous six months; this creates a magnificent show which is then made available to all the contributing clubs.
    Stereoscopic Society
  • The Society has been in existence since 1893 and its objectives are to foster the practice, enjoyment and advancement of all forms of stereoscopy - pictures in three dimensions.
    Photographic Society of America
  • PSA is a worldwide interactive organization for anyone interested in photography, be they casual, serious amateurs or professional photographers. Individual, Camera Club, Chapter and Council members are offered a wide variety of activities: a monthly magazine, photo and digital competitions, study groups via mail and the internet, how-to programs, an annual conference and a raft of other activities and services


    Stereo Photo Maker
  • StereoPhoto Maker(SPM) functions as a versatile stereo image editor \ viewer and can automatically batch-align hundreds of images and mount them to the 'window'.
    Stereo Data Maker
  • StereoData Maker(SDM) is a 'light-weight' variant of CHDK that aids 2D, stereo and kite-aerial photography (KAP) with certain Canon compact cameras. It also has a number of features that support digiscoping and provides log files of the equipment setup and bracketing parameters employed. It can synchronise multiple cameras up to 1/16,000sec and synch flash at shutter-speeds up to 1/1000 sec For KAP, scripts can detect the variable pulse durations produced by devices such as the R/C receivers produced by gentLES.

Club Members


    Berezin Stereo
  • Berezin Stereo Photography Products manufactures viewers, and other products used by stereo photographers. In addition we offer quality View Master Reels, View Master Books, new 3D Cameras, reproduction stereo cards and books about stereo photography
    3D by Dan Shelley
  • 3D Image library, book list, clip-art, Viewmaster etc - a great site
  • can supply hard to get 3D items in top condition
    3D Showcase
  • a great site with lots of quality stereo pairs from Boris Starosta
    3D Concepts
  • Since 1991, 3D Concepts has been committed to developing and providing fine stereoscopic imaging products, services and sound design. We are part of a world-wide stereoscopic community, dedicated to learning, sharing, collecting and preserving 3D
    Digital Stereoscopic Hand Viewer
  • Cyclopital3D brings Stereoscopic Photography into the digital age with innovative products that are enabled by new digital photographic technologies and modern digital displays.

Stereo Photographers

    Michael Levine
  • information on Australian made ViewMaster and similar Sight-Seer and Photoscope reels and other Australian and International 3D stereoscopic items of interest
    Andrew Woods
  • This site contains a range of information about stereoscopic (3D) imaging, stereoscopic video, and other 3D technologies
    Takashi Sekitani
  • I LOVE 3D photographs/Movies very much, especially interested in hyper stereo for senic, anaglyph and phantogram. I am a member of STEREO CLUB Tokyo, NSA, ISU and CSC. My equipments are Twin digital SLRs, RBT stereo cameras, Macro stereo lense, Twin HDV video cameras...


    Old Victorian 3D Sociey Website
  • A new version of the website was launched in 2010. The old website is still available to view - however it is no longer being updated